About the BRSA swap move

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency limited the transaction amount to 1% of the bank's calculated equity in swaps, futures, options and derivative transactions made by foreigners from Turkish banks. ... Devamı

Number of COVID-19 deaths in Turkey reaches 1006

Turkey's Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca announced the latest statistics regarding the COVID-19 pandemic at a press briefing this Friday. ... Devamı

Fed's new stimulus steps

The Federal Reserve announced a series of stimulus measures of up to 2.3 trillion USD to provide financing support to SMEs and local governments suffering from coronavirus pandemics. ... Devamı

IMF considers new funding opportunity to solve the USD liquidity crisis

In coordination with the Fed and the US Treasury, the IMF is preparing to open a new swap funding window to support countries that are experiencing difficulties with USD funding. ... Devamı

Turkey’s inflation cools down in March due to lower demand and oil prices

Turkey’s Inflation, which rose 12.4% yoy in February, fell to 11.9% in March. (Tera Menkul ) ... Devamı

Mixed effects expected for Turkish inflation

Turkey’s March inflation figures will be released on Friday and our inflation forecast is 0.9% on a monthly basis, which will cause an increase of 12.2% on an annual basis. ... Devamı

Recession effect will be felt more after March due to coronavirus

According to the data announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) and IHS Markit; Turkey’s manufacturing PMI has decreased below the threshold of 50 moderate decline in March and reached the level of 48.1, from February’s index value of 52.4. ... Devamı

PMI falls to 48.1 due to COVID-19 outbreak

The latest PMI® survey data from Istanbul Chamber of Industry and IHS Markit highlighted the impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on business conditions for Turkish manufacturers at the end of the first quarter. Output and new orders both softened, while firms scaled back purchasing activity. On a positive note, employment continued to increase ... Devamı

Fed starts repo operations for foreign countries

The new step of the Fed opens a new repo facility to the foreign central banks in order for the financial market to function smoothly. ... Devamı

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours

According to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 disease can live on surfaces from a few hours up to a few days. ... Devamı

Барселонский клуб снижает заработную плату

Barcelona Club решил понизить зарплату всем звездам футбола и работникам клуба во время карантина в стране. ... Devamı

US and Germany economic stimulus packages

In order to minimize the economic damage effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, the packages are passed through the assemblies.(Tera Menkul) ... Devamı

The first reflections on industry leading indicators

In this period, while the manufacturing industry capacity utilization rate decreased by 0.7 points, it was 75.3%; seasonally adjusted CUR fell to 76.2%. ... Devamı

Deaths due to COVID-19 reach 21 at Turkey

Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced on his Twitter this Saturday that 12 died in one day due to the deadly virus, making Turkey’s total virus deaths 21. ... Devamı

Turkish Government hands out Arabic self-protection brochures against the Coronavirus

Turkey’s Directorate of Communications, a communications division under the Turkish Presidency, is handing out pamphlets in Arabic that gives information on how to avoid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Turkey is running active prevention and briefing operations against the spread of the virus outside of her borders. ... Devamı

Central banks coordinate to ease USD liquidity tightness via swap

Central banks will also continue their 84-day maturity transactions per week ... Devamı

Turkey announces second death and 93 new cases due to COVID-19

Minister Koca’s twitter post: ... Devamı

Turkey’s Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca announced Turkey’s first death due to Coronavirus.

Koca added that 51 more people tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of infected to 98. ... Devamı

Emirates Airlines suspends flights to 37 destinations

Emirates Airlines announced this Tuesday that it has suspended flights to 37 of its destinations world-wide. ... Devamı

German automaker Volkswagen says it is shutting down

CEO Herbert Diess made the announcement at the company's annual news conference. ... Devamı

Turkey increases the number of countries with travel ban to 20

Turkey’s Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca has announced the new measures taken by the Turkish government in order to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. ... Devamı

2020 British Kebab Awards Winners revealed

The full list of winners and runners-up:Just Eat Best Delivery  ... Devamı

Turkey Manufacturing PMI rose to 52.4 in February

The latest PMI survey data from Istanbul Chamber of Industry and IHS Markit pointed to a strong performance by Turkish manufacturers in February. ... Devamı

Passengers with invisible disabilities will be served at Heydar Aliyev International Airport as priority

Heydar Aliyev International Airport is the first in the post-Soviet space to offer special assistance to passengers with so-called "invisible" or "hidden" disabilities. “Hidden disabilities” can include dementia, Alzheimer's disease, ... Devamı

Council of Higher Education of Turkey recognizes Baku Higher Oil School

The Council of Higher Education of Turkey (YÖK) has recognized Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) as a higher education institution meeting high standards. Thus, the request sent by BHOS received positive feedback from the Council of Higher ... Devamı

Azeri Light crude exceeds $60

Azerbaijani oil price has increased on the world markets. The price of a barrel of Azeri Light crude oil rose $0.91 to stand at ... Devamı

ICI Turkey export climate index rises to 50.3 at end of 2019

Export conditions for Turkish manufacturers improved at the end of 2019, and to a greater extent than in November. Exporters were aided by a return to growth of business activity in Germany, but other key markets showed continued signs of ... Devamı

Manufacturing new orders rise solidly again in Istanbul

The Istanbul manufacturing sector remained well inside growth territory at the end of 2019, with solid increases in output, new orders and employment recorded. Meanwhile, the rate of input cost inflation continued to ease and was the ... Devamı

IMF: Stimulus-driven growth created large imbalances in the Turkish economy.

Istanbul, December 29 - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Directors, noted that stimulus-driven growth in previous years had contributed to large economic imbalances in the Turkish economy, according to the statement on the ... Devamı

Turkey unveils its national electric car

Turkey unveils its national electric car Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday unveiled prototypes of a domestically produced electric car, putting him closer to fulfilling a long-held dream of building Turkey's first ... Devamı

SEC investigating listings of Slack, other firms - report

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is probing the listings of several companies that went public over the past few years, including Slack Technologies Inc, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday citing sources ... Devamı

Palladium drops almost 5.0 percent

The price of palladium was down over 4.5 percent, after the United Kingdom's Parliament approved the Withdrawal Agreement, and the United States and China reached the "phase one" trade agreement. An ounce of the precious ... Devamı

The Ifo business climate index in Germany rose to 96.3 in December

The Ifo Business Climate Index in Germany rose to 96.3 in December 2019 from a revised 95.1 in the previous month, easily beating market expectations of 95.5. That was the highest reading since June, boosted by an improvement in ... Devamı

PSA, FCA sign $50B merger

Peugeot manufacturer PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) signed on Wednesday their 50 billion dollars merger of equals. With the merger, the new company under PSA and FCA dubbed as the world's fourth largest car ... Devamı

President Erdoğan: We will close İncirlik and Kürecik bases if necessary

“Any decision to close the İncirlik base belongs to us. When the time comes, we will sit together with all our delegations and talk this issue and if necessary, we will close İncirlik and Kürecik as well” Turkish ... Devamı

Corbyn: Election taken over by Brexit

London, December 13 - Thursday's general election in the United Kingdom was "taken over by Brexit," Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday as he commented on his party losing 60 seats compared to the 2017 ... Devamı

SNP/Sturgeon: Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of EU

London, December 13 - United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson "has no mandate to take Scotland out of the European Union," Scottish First Minister and Scottish National Party (SNP) Leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday and ... Devamı

ICI Turkey Export Climate Index at 50.1 in November

The export climate for Turkish manufacturers improved fractionally during November. Weakness in some key export markets was cancelled out by signs of growth picking up in the US and other major economies. The Turkey Manufacturing Export ... Devamı

An Outlook for Turkish Economy for 2020 in the Light of a Summary of 2019

Supported by the monetary easing in international markets and the trade wars in Far East, Turkish economy seems to have seen the worst. After last year’s dramatic currency depreciation which fueled a rapid increase in inflation ... Devamı

FAO scales up fight against fall Armyworm

London, December 5 (Hibya News) - FAO launched a three-year Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control to scale up efforts to curb the growing spread of the invasive pest which is causing serious damage to food production and affecting ... Devamı

Update - World leaders descend on London for NATO summit 

(Adds details) London, December 3 (Hibya) - As leaders of 29 countries gather in London to celebrate 70 years of NATO, the future of the world’s most successful military alliance remains in doubt. Ahead of the summit, NATO Chief ... Devamı

World leaders descend on London for Nato summit

London (Hibya) - As leaders of 29 countries gather in London to celebrate 70 years of Nato, the future of the world’s most successful military alliance remains in doubt. Ahead of the summit, Nato Chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia ... Devamı

Istanbul manufacturing PMI at 21-month high

Istanbul manufacturing PMI at 21-month high Growth continued to accelerate in the Istanbul manufacturing sector during November, with output, new orders and employment all increasing at sharper rates than in October. Meanwhile, input ... Devamı

İSO Turkey Manufacturing PMI rise to 49.5

Istanbul Chamber of Industry Turkey PMI Manufacturing Index, November sees PMI rise to 49.5 The latest PMI survey data from Istanbul Chamber of Industry and IHS Markit pointed to an uptick in production for the first time in over a ... Devamı

Turkish Capital Markets Summit explores digital transformation

Digital transformation and entrepreneurial opportunities were explored in the Turkish Capital Markets Summit held by Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB) this week. The fourth edition of the summit, held on 19 and 20 November, ... Devamı

ANALYSIS - Inflation fell to 8.55 percent, but the rise in November is inevitable

Inflation continues to fall due to the base effect. According to data released by Turkey Statistical Institute (TurkStat), consumer price index (CPI) fell from 9.26 percent in September to 8.55 percent in October. CPI increased by 2 ... Devamı

ANALYSIS - The CBRT pulled year-end inflation expectation to 12%, a new interest cut on the horizon in December meeting

The Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT) announced the fourth Inflation Report of 2019 and reduced its year-end inflation forecast to 12 percent. The 2020 estimate remained stable at 8.2 percent. In his presentation at the Inflation Report ... Devamı

The Effects of a No-Deal Brexit on Turkish Exports

In case of a no-deal BREXIT, UK will apply the World Trade Organization’s Most Favored Nation (MFN) tariffs on 470 goods imported from EU and Turkey. Currently, the import taxes for all the goods exported from Turley to UK are zero ... Devamı

ANALYSIS - Inflation fells to single digit in September, interest rate could be reduced to 15%

Annual inflation fells to single digit for the first time since July 2017 with 9.26% in September. Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK), announced that the Consumer Price Index increased by 0.99% on monthly basis in the month of ... Devamı

TUIK: Exports in August increased by 1.6 percent, imports increased by 1.5 percent

According to the data released by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) exports in August increased by 1.6 percent to 12 billion 523 million dollars compared to August 2018, imports increased by 1.5 percent to 15 billion 24 million ... Devamı

Outlook For Turkısh Economy For The Last Quarter Of 2019: Abstract

Assuming that monetary easing in international markets will remain, a decelerated decline in inflation and interest rates will continue along with a modest increase in the domestic economic activity, Turkish economy seems to have seen the ... Devamı